We are located on the northeast edge of Winfield, KS in the Flint Hills, thus the farm name. I had chickens years ago when my son was young just for eggs. A few years ago I decided it would be nice to have some chickens again for fresh eggs, only 6 hens or so. I got those & then started remembering how much I really like chickens, so I started looking at breeds. Well there are so many breeds available these days it makes your head spin. I thought well I really like that breed, I'll get a few of those & maybe I'll hatch a few. I got those & then I saw another breed I really liked & got those, & you get the picture. Chicken math gets you every time! You can never have too many chickens they say, ha. So here I am several years later with not only about 26 hens & two roosters in my laying flock but about 140 other chickens of various breeds as well as 10 Ancona ducks, & 32 guineas. I strive to have the best breeding stock I can afford. I have some heritage breeds as well as rare breeds. Some are APA recognized & others are not. I also raise hair sheep, usually just for our use. Our farm is protected by two Great Pyrenees & an Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees. They do a great job of keeping predators out, they're great dogs!

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