Poultry Price List 2020


You can view photos of my birds under Gallery & see info on each breed under Breed Info


**Please read info & terms below before ordering


Self Blue (lavender) Ameraucanas – (Smith line) $8 each

Speckled Sussex - $6 each

Silverudd's Blue (Isbars, Greenfire Farms line, you could get blue, black, & splash, no choice of color) - $10 each 

Blue Laced Red Wyandottes (black laced & blue laced) - $10 each 

English Lavender Orpingtons (Fancy Chick line) - $10 each

Sapphires (Cream Legbar over white Leghorns, lay blue eggs) - These are 2nd generation  -$6 each 

Black & Blue Copper Marans - $10 each (Not available till 2021)

Blue & Black Birchen Marans - $10 each (Not available till 2021)

Olive Eggers - $6 each (2021)

Japanese Ohiki Bantams - Black Breasted Silver (true Japanese Longtails, Toni-Marie Astin Line) - $10 each (very rare & hard to find)

Bantam Mille Fleur Cochins - $6 each 

BBS Bantam Cochins (Blue, Black, & Splash) - $6 each

Mosaics - Coming in 2021!

Guinea Fowl - (variety of colors, housed together, so no choice of colors) - $6 each  **They normally don’t start laying till May


Ancona Ducks (Endangered Breed)- $7 each



*All chicks are sold straight run, not sexed. 

**Check with me as to availability of breeds. I hatch by order as I have limited pen & brooder space. All pre-orders require half down & the balance on pickup. This deposit is **non–refundable. If, for some reason, I can't fill your order, I will gladly refund your deposit. I will notify you when your chicks have hatched. They must be picked up within 7 days of hatch due to limited brooder space. I can't guarantee a time or date for chicks to be hatched, but if you have dates for vacation or other plans, please submit these dates when you order. Contact Teresa Greer at: ksgardengrl@gmail.com,  send me a PM on Facebook, or use the contact form on this site. I accept Paypal & money orders for deposits & cash on pickup, no checks.  **I will need a phone number in case I can't reach you any other way to notify you your birds are ready for pickup. 


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